Sunday, June 24, 2007

New friends

Today we got up, got dressed, and went to church like normal. After church, it was nap time for me and Pop. This afternoon we went to a picnic with alot of other kids who have an extra chromosome like me. Mommy says this is the local group of families called the Down Syndrome Network. Mommy and Pop got to meet some of the parents and talk about stuff. I got to see alot of kids who liked to say hi to me alot. It was pretty fun, even though it was really hot outside. I would show you a picture, but Mommy got so busy she forgot to take any of the new friends. There were games and food and lots of kids having fun. I think I'll be able to play games someday, but for now I just sat with Pop and watched.

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  1. I love meeting new DS families, it is so great to know that you are not alone and that they are also feeling (most often) very similar to yourself. I mean, it is wonderful to have all bloggers, but to actually meet real life people is even greater I think!
    Hugs to the cutie pie!


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