Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bunch o'pics day

Today was a busy one, so get ready for a picture story.

First Miss Robin came to visit. She brought a really neat crunchy, shiny thing that I thought was really lots of fun. I could roll around and grab it and make lots of noise. Mommy's gotta get me one of these for sure!

Then my friend Mercedes came to visit. Cede (Mommy says it sounds like lady) is older than me some. Her mommy, Miss Janet, is one of Mommy's friends. Cede stayed with us for a while so her mommy could go somewhere.

Miss Janet brought a neat chair for me to borrow. Mommy says I'm still to small for it now, but soon it will be fun for me to sit up in it.

After Miss Janet came to pick up Cede, we met them again later with Miss Angie at Toro for lunch. Miss Angie is moving next week because she's getting married. We'll miss having lunch with her alot.
And guess who was there?? My friend Miss Martha!!! I haven't seen her for a while, so I was glad to see her again. It's always more fun there when she's working!! She takes me all around while Mommy has her lunch. I'd rather go around and see people than eat food for sure.
After lunch, we took Pop to the doctor since he was still not feeling good. Mommy used to work at this office a few years ago, and now she does work for them but she doesn't have to go there. She used to work with Dr. B in another office, too, and now he's moved to this one. I hadn't got to meet any of these friends before, so it was fun to get to see everyone.
This is Dr. B... he's funny.
These are the girls, Miss Melissa, Miss Lori, and Miss Courtney. Miss Heather wasn't there, so I'll have to go back later to meet her.
Miss Melissa knew my mommy a long time ago in college, and her husband even knew Mommy in high school. I think that was like a whole bunch of years ago or something.
Pop skipped his gaming night since he wasn't feeling good, so we just hung out and watched some Jack Bauer. Mommy says they're catching up on old ones. It's fun though.


  1. Your Pops must be pretty sick to miss Magic...Jack Bauer will make him feel better.

  2. You are one busy girl Braksa! The shiny noisy paper looks like fun.

  3. Love all the updates you are giving us. That shiny stuff look like a cool thing to play with... Looks like you had a fun and exciting day on the go. Hope daddy is feeling better soon. Tell him he is missed at Work (at least from Florida lol) and Happy 1st Daddy's Day!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Carrie :)

  4. Miss Mary--Pop says Jack Bauer can fix anything!

    Miss Melissa--It WAS a bus day, and the noisy paper is lots of fun for sure!

    Miss Carrie--Pop is feeling a little better I think. We've got a surprise for him for his special day on Sunday...don't tell him!

  5. Thanks for the updates and the pictures. As you may know, we've been in church camp and NO INTERNET! Glad your mommy got to talk with Grammy Jan there... we go back for another week -- I go back to Gasconade and GJ and the kids go to Oil Belt. Keep growing and filing great reports and pictures!

    papa beagle

  6. I always wanted one of those chairs for the girls, Jen said Olivia loved sitting in it. Hope to see Saturday! Karen K

  7. what great pictures! I can't believe how big she has grown!

  8. Papa Beagle--Have a good time at camp next week.

    Miss Karen K--I think I'll like the chair, but Mommy says I have to work on holding my head up better before I can use it for long.

    Miss Michelle--We've been reading about your trip...tell Kayla hello!


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