Saturday, June 9, 2007

BBQ x 2

Mommy, Pop, and Mr. Bip went to lunch today at a pretty neat place. It is in a very big building and smelled pretty good. Mommy says it's called barbecue but we can say BBQ for short. She said this was her favorite thing to eat with BBQ when she was a little kid.

Mr. Bip drew funny pictures while they waited for their food.

This is the big part in the middle of the room where we had lunch. It was pretty neat with lots of lights. That's Mr. Bip up there.

Tonight we went to Mr. Randy and Miss Karen's house for dinner and more BBQ, but it was different. Mommy likes this kind better. We played outside for a while because it was not too hot. That's Maddy with her dad and Ali P with her mom.
This is me with Miss Karen. She played with me for a while and talked to me about things. Later Miss Sara talked to me for a while about why I should eat better and what good things there are that are yummy. I'm not sure I believe her yet, though.
I was kind of tired by the end of the day because Mommy and Pop stayed a long time. I tried to get comfortable in my seat, but it's not as good as my bed.
We all had a good time, so thanks Miss Karen and Mr. Randy!


  1. Did you know Bip makes a very good slab of baby back ribs? He used a recipe from Tony Roma's. I still feel like licking my fingers and it was a long time ago when he cooked for Grandpa J and me.

  2. Looks like fun, maybe I should try your mom's favorite ingredient on my BBQ. Delphine doesn't think her seat is as comfortable as her bed either!

  3. Mmmmmmm, BBQ sounds really goo now!

  4. Grandma C--I don't think Mommy knew about that. I'm not sure how I feel about "baby back ribs." I'd like to keep mine...

    Miss Melissa--Mommy says her tastes have grown up so she likes some other sauces too, but when she was a tiny tot they called her The Ketchup Kid.

    Miss Jessica--Everyone keeps saying its good, so maybe I'll try it. Wonder if it comes in my size dishes... maybe THAT'S what I would like to eat since I don't like other stuff.


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