Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blown away

When Mommy watched the channel this morning that tells if it's going to be cold or hot, it said today was going to be hot and windy. Mommy's talked to me about hot, because that's when we get in the pool and play. But I wasn't sure about windy. She said it was like when the fan is on in my room and makes my hair move. I like that, so I guess I like windy.

We went outside to go some places and got out of the car, it was like God had his big world fan on really fast! I heard Mommy tell someone something about 94 hot and gusts and 50 miles or 50 hours or something like that. She said it was alot of hot and windy for sure. When we came out of the store, I couldn't even keep my eyes open for all the windy it was. It almost tipped over our cart, and I was attached to it!

(See how it's blowing my shade thing all bent and funny!)

We made it to all our places ok, but Mommy sure looked funny when she got in the car each time. She calls those crazy hair days. I've had some crazy hair, but it's usually after a bath.


  1. You look pretty cute there in your seat! I sure wish that they had adult seats to ride in with shades and stuff, that would be fun! See you tomorrow, Little B. Karen K

  2. What a cutie!! I love her name too! It's funny how much that diagnosis changes our lives isn't it? But I wouldn't change Ella for anything in the world. I have definetly not had any problems with Ella eating, though they are thinking she may have low thyroid so we are supposed to have that checked out next week. I like your blog and will definetly be checking back in on a regular basis!!!

  3. Too cute! I know all about crazy hair days thanks to the wind!

  4. She looks to cute there in her seat - it looks like she's saying "get away wind!"

  5. To all of you--thanks for saying I'm cute! I always giggle when Mommy tells me that, but it might be because she says it really funny like.

    Miss Kacey--Thanks for coming to say hello, and tell Ella hello for me!


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