Saturday, June 2, 2007

First Pool Day!!

Today was a pretty busy day--watching Mommy and Pop work around the house, visiting with Papa Beagle, Grammy, Aunties, and an Uncle for a quick visit, and an evening visit to see my friend Connor-- but the most important part was that I got in the pool for the first time! Pop wanted me to get in with him, but I was napping, so he put me in a little boat and I napped a few minutes while I was floating.

It looks like they left me all alone doesn't it?!?

Then to keep the sun from being on me too much, Pop put another pool floaty on top of the boat. I was in a little cozy place.

Then Pop decided since I was awake that I should get in the water and splash. So Mommy got me all dressed in my pool outfit, and in I went.

Everyone kept watching to see if I would do something, but I was happy to keep playing with my hands. The water was nice, like a big bath tub, but when you've got hands, what else do you need?!

There were some friends there to swim with us too. Three friends for me and more friends for Mommy and Pop. Maddy and Gracie came with their parents and Mia came with hers.

Mommy says we'll be spending alot of time in the pool, and I think that will be fun.

While we were at Connor's house, his daddy and mine were telling me about something called The Little Mermaid, but I didn't understand much. Maybe you can make something of it...


  1. The pool looks like a lot of fun And I like your suit. Very cute. Looks like you have bunches of friends to play with. That is a good thing.

  2. Braska, If you get to pick, pick "Little Mermaid" instead of "Happy Feet." Little Mermaid has cool songs you will like and your mommy and I have the same idea about Happy Feet, not so good. Tarzan has cool songs too! Love you and your adorable little swimming suit :) Auntie V

  3. Grandma C--It is fun. You should come up and play with me in the pool soon.

    Auntie V--Pop tells me about Little Mermaid alot, so I think I'll get to watch it someday. I'll tell him about Tarzan too.


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