Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday again

This morning it was time for Miss Judy to come visit again. This time she brought me some pretty cool toys to play with. This one was a favorite. I could just touch it and it would make sounds. I like sounds. Mommy's going to see if she can find where to get one of these, but she said they were around when she was little, so they must be really, really old.

This was another fun thing. It kind of made some noise too, but it moved pretty neat too.

I figured out how to have fun with it with my feet too!!

Mommy and I went to the store this afternoon. We went to pick up some things, and we got a neat thing for me too! I'll tell you about in a minute... Here's me at the beginning of shopping.

Here's me at the end of shopping.

When we got home with our stuff, Pop put my new thing together. It's a chair that I sit in to eat. Mommy says it will help me understand when it's time to eat. I don't know about that, but it is pretty fun to sit in it. It has the same neat pictures on it as my car seat, my wheels, and my play place where I take naps sometimes. Can you think of anything better? Hmmmmmmmm.

I had a nice dinner of macaroni and cheese as my first meal in the new chair. Mommy thought it might be good to try something my Pop likes, since she says I eat just like him. And Miss Judy said this morning that it might work. I liked it ok, so I think I'll have some more tomorrow!


  1. Good work Braska! You look like such a big girl in your new chair! Karen K

  2. You can't beat Mac & Cheese for a quick snack.

  3. You might find one of those fun toys on ebay...

    Very cool new chair, and keep eating that Mac & Cheese :)

  4. Her toys look like so much fun! our EI people don't bring anything cool.


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