Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great-Granny F

My Grammy Jan just told us that Great-Granny F died this afternoon. She is my Papa Beagle's mom. She has been in the hospital and nursing home for a little while, like since around when I had my surgery at the end of February. Great-Papa F went to a nursing home then, too. Granny had taken care of Papa for as long as she could. Mommy had just talked to me this morning about going down this week to visit her, so I'm sad that I won't get to see her. But Mommy says she's very happy now, because she finally gets to see Jesus, and she's been looking forward to that for many years.

I got to meet Granny only once, when I was just a little baby, back around Christmas. She held me and talked to me for quite a while, even though she was scared to hold me at first. I'm so glad we got to see her then. You will be missed, Granny. Welcome to Heaven.


  1. Braska,

    I'm sure you all will miss your Great Granny F - we all do when someone we love goes to heaven. But, isn't it cool to think of her hanging out with Jesus? I bet she's telling Him all about you - as if He doesn't already know.

    Keep eating your green beans - they'll make you strong!

    Jeannine, Rick, Matthew & Amanda

  2. We're in Arkansas, Braska. You'll get to come here sometime. We've had a good day and it was topped off by a quick visit to your web page. Thanks for your note about Great Granny F. And the nice pictures. She is already getting things ready in heaven for us now. She isn't slowed down by that weak heart -- maybe you remember when you had one of those -- or wobbly steps (you'll know about those one day soon). Keep on growing and taking care of your Mommy and Pop.

    Love, papa beagle

  3. Miss Jeannine and family--It was nice to see you again this morning. It IS cool that Granny is getting to hang out with Jesus. I'm sure she's loving it.

    Papa Beagle--Be careful with all that driving. I'll see you on Wednesday.


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