Monday, April 2, 2007

Downtown and all around

Yes, that's me in the car seat again. This morning Miss Karen, Mommy, and I went to downtown St. Louis to help Miss Karen find a place where she is going later. It was fun to ride around in the sunlight today, but I ended up falling asleep since we drove for a while.

Then we went to Dr. F's office. There are always alot of kids there. I don't think they're all going to see Dr. F, but there are other doctors there also. Some are bigger than me and they get to play with toys that they have there. I just wait in my Wheels until Miss Barb calls for me.

Once we went in the room, Mommy took my clothes off know what's's time to get on that silly scale again. Before Miss Barb weighed me, I stretched out and played some on the exam table. Mommy says my chest is looking really good. I don't even hurt anymore, so that's good.

Then they took me to the room where they put the jelly stuff on me. It's cold and slimy, but they just put it right on me! I didn't care for this, and I was hungry, so I complained a bit. Mommy just sat next to me and held my hand, but she didn't pick me up, even though I was telling her to! She kept telling me I had to be good for a few minutes. I tried.... and Miss Lisa sang to me some while she was putting the slimy stuff on me.

After this part, Mommy and me went downstairs to a place I do not like at all. They put me on this table and said they were going to take a picture of my chest, but one person held my arms over my head and my legs together. That made me SO MAD! The did take a couple pictures I guess, but I didn't get to see them. Mommy called them x-rays. I call them yucky!

I was so tired when we got done there that I just took a really long nap. I don't want to do that again ever.


  1. Hey Little Miss, I am sorry you have to go to the Dr. and get uncomfortable but I am glad you are doing so well. Way to go girl.

  2. She's so beautiful, and she's doing so well!


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