Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Family and friends

Great-grandpa D passed away a few weeks ago. Today all our family got together to remember him and talk about fun things we used to do with him. I only met him once, but it was fun to hear all about the neat things that everyone used to do.

I got to meet alot of people in my family for the first time. I have alot of cousins! Actually, they're Mommy's cousins, but that makes them mine too, I think. It was nice to see some of my Aunties and Uncles, and Papa Beagle and Grammy Jan, too.

Cousin Melissa talked to me about taking the bottle, and she tried to help me with it, but I just didn't really want to take it. She also gave me some clothes too, which is very nice.

After we packed up our stuff from Grandma C's house, we started to go home. Mommy and Pop decided to go a different way, and we ended up stopping to see Miss Julie, Mr. Justin, Macie, and Morgan. Macie and Morgan played around and made us laugh, and Mr. Justin was trying to teach me how to get to my tummy when I'm playing on the floor.

We had alot of fun, even though I got kind of grouchy since I was tired. I wish I could have played with Macie and Morgan more, but we had to get home. Mommy said she misses them a lot, and she said that like three times. They must be pretty fun people.


  1. Sorry about your Gr-Grd'pa ): .
    It is wonderful to have family and friends who love, care, and pray for us. In times of Joy and Sorrow.

    Keep practicing with your bottle.

    Are you old enough for juice yet?
    Now that the weather is getting hot (at least it is in MS) a sweet refreashing sip of juice from a "BOTTLE," might be nice,

    RK maybe this bottle think just isn't going to fly. Cereal will be one of the next things on the baby time line. then she will gain. I have 24 neices and nephews and over 40 greats a new one due in June. Also several gr-grts. Several never knew what a bottle was breast only and began drinking juices and bits of whole milk from a sippy cup by 5 & 6 mos of age (with assistance of course)
    Just another thought. this bottle thing is just so stress ful for both you and Nebraska.

    Will keep you in prayer
    Agape, Meshi

  2. Meshi--I don't think I have juice yet. Mommy and Pop sometimes have some, but not me. Maybe I'll ask Mommy about that. Thanks for your ideas!

  3. Great to hear from you after seeing you in STL Tuesday. Sure was neat to watch you play with your hands and look all around! Thanks, too, for putting in that picture of me -- with Patrick, Rachel (almost), Joel, Skye, Ryan, Julia, and your Pop! It was a grand time together and you were one of the "stars!" Tell you Mommy and Pop we were so glad you all could come.. and Grandpa John thanks for his hospitality!

    papa beagle


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