Friday, April 27, 2007

Food shopping

Mommy told me this morning that today was an important day to get ready for an important week. She said we had alot to do, starting with getting the kitchen together. So after breakfast, I took a little nap to get rested up for the day. I snoozed a while in Mommy's big comfy chair.

Then we got dressed and headed out to the store. We were there kind of a long time, I thought. I played with my hands, smiled at some people who said hi to me, and talked to Mommy some while she was shopping.

I got a little tired of sitting in my seat after a while, so I had to tell Mommy to hold me for a bit. I'm glad she got the message.

We got home with alot of food, and I was so tired, I just took another little nap while Mommy unloaded stuff. She doesn't really need my help anyway.

Tonight I had more green beans, a little applesauce, and my regular food too. I should be making those numbers on the silly scale go way up by next time I go see Miss Laurie. It's about time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow's another busy day. Mommy says we have alot more work to do to get the house ready.

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  1. Great pictures, Nebraska! Thanks for posting them and telling us about you day's activities! Remind your mommy that the high resolution versions are welcome down here in Missouri where I print out your pics for your Great Granny Farthing!

    Love to all,
    papa beagle


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