Thursday, April 19, 2007

Friends and Uncles

Mommy, Pop, and I had dinner tonight with Mr. Matt, Miss Nico, and Connor. He said hi to me alot, and he can say my name, which I think is cool.

I had a bit of an accident with some things that Mommy says aren't polite to talk about over dinner, so since this is about dinner, I'll just say I had to change clothes at the restaurant. Well, actually, I just took them off, and Mommy didn't realize until then that she didn't have any more clothes for me in my bag. Miss Janet just happened to be at the restaurant too, and she helped Mommy clean me up. I got really mad because I didn't like being messy and then naked. Mommy wrapped me up in a blanket and we went back to the table. Miss Janet has a little girl named Cede, and she's bigger than me, but not by too much. So Miss Janet was nice and let me borrow an outfit of Cede's, so then I wasn't naked, but I was still mad. I felt funny, but I didn't know why really. Mommy said I was just super tired. Pop and Mr. Matt went to play their game with the cards that they play alot, and since I was yelling at Mommy, we left pretty soon after that. Sorry that I was too grouchy to play, Connor!

My Uncle Jody is far away right now in a place called Peru. He's visiting his friend Mr. Scott. I don't know why they had to go so far. He sent some pretty neat pictures, so I wanted to let you see one of them. He's a doctor for animals, and he takes care of my dog Belle when we go visit him sometimes. I'll see you next week when you get back, Uncle Jody.


  1. Just chatted with your Uncle Joel. He is having some time in Peru! You have a VERY interesting family, Braska! Sorry about the clothing issues at the restaurant. Your Mommy is quite resourceful, though. Glad you get to be out and about. Keep growing!

    papa beagle

  2. I have certainly enjoyed reading about your life, Braska, and catching up and I'm so glad you're home from the hospital again. It was neat for me to see the picture of your Uncle Joel, and also the other pics on this site of your family. Tell your Auntie Rachel that Brandi (Jerry and Julie Wilson's daughter) is expecting twins in October! Our ladies from church met last night, and I told them about you and they are adding you to their prayer list, too. I'll keep checking in on you.

  3. Papa beagle--I'm doing my best to grow.

    Miss Cherita--Thanks for checking in on me again, and please tell the ladies at your church thanks for praying for me.


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