Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mommy report: Back in the hospital

Nebraska ended up being flown to St. Louis this evening due to some concerns over her dehydrated state and some possible rhythm issues with her heart. I got to the hospital soon after the helicopter did, spoke with her nurses and her doctors for the evening, and decided to come down to the in-laws to sleep, since the arrangments at the hospital are in no way conducive to rest, let alone actual sleep. She was sleeping well when I left and will for the rest of the night, except that they'll be doing some testing and prodding throughout the night...another reason for my not being there and in the way.

The cardiologists are already up to date on info and they will be seeing her in the morning. I'll be heading back down early tomorrow to spend the day. Hopefully she'll be able to blog for herself by tomorrow evening. :o)

Hope you all had a very blessed Easter.


  1. That's a scary first Easter. I hope things are better today.

  2. Dear Randa
    David checked our e-mails this morning and had one from your mom about grandpa, also Nebraska. I'm praying for her and you and hope you're back home soon. She is beautiful! Christopher has a boy, Joel David, born Oct 17. They had lost 2 babies prior to Joel's birth, which is why he is "Joel," the prophet who said "stay faithful to God and he will restore what you have lost." I think Nebraska is a neat name, of course, far be it from me to not like a name - Love, "Cherita"

  3. Dear Braska,

    I am glad things are better today! Grandma C emailed and said you were guzzling stuff to get rehydrated! And that note from Cherita was neat! A "Joel David"-- that's the same name as your Uncle Jody; Doc Joel is "Joel David." And this new Joel David is born five days after your uncle Joel David's Oct. 12 birthday .. ON YOUR MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY, Oct. 17! How neat is that!

    Love to all!
    papa beagle

  4. Happy first easter baby Braska! I thought you would want to look at easter eggs and go to church rather than ride in an airplane! I sure hope you are feeling better after you get some fluids and possibly food down. I love you little one. Aunt Valerie

    Thank you to your mommy for changing the format a bit, it helped! Love to all three of you. May you have blessed days ahead since your easter was so worrisome.

  5. I'm so sorry to be late on this...what a tough, tough thing, to watch your baby fly away in a helicopter. But we're all stronger than we realize, that's what I've learned. Glad to read up and learn that Braska is doing okay.


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