Thursday, April 12, 2007

Iffy day

I'm tired, and it's been a very up and down day, so I'll cover the highlights fast, if that's ok.

~~First, I want to say hello to all my nurses. They have been so nice to me. Hi Miss Bridget, Miss Mindy, Miss Nicole, Miss Doris, and Miss Cathy. Thanks for taking care of me. (and my Mommy too.)

~~Grandma C and Miss Karen left today for Montana. Way to go! Don't you worry about me, Grandma. I'm gonna be all better when you get back, and we can play and cuddle again.

~~I had more visitors today, and lots of them. Grammy, Papa Beagle, Auntie J, Uncle Ryan, and Auntie Ju came to see me today. I haven't seen them since I was just a little baby, like 2 months ago. I wanted to show them all my new wiggles and tricks, but I just didn't feel very good this afternoon. And I'm sorry Grammy Jan for making such a mess on you. (I got sick on her in a BIG way, but I didn't even get in trouble!)
~~So to summarize, I had an ok morning, a pretty uncomfortable afternoon, and now I'm ready to sleep for the night. They say maybe I'll only be here a few more days. I'm trying to get better, but sometimes I just don't feel good enough to try. I'll give it a go again tomorrow.


  1. Hey Braska girl. This is a note from your mommy's friend Melanie. I love to read your blog everyday. I'm sorry your not feeling good. My little boy had the rotovirus too when he was 11 months old and he was in the hospital too. He was very sick for about 8 days. But I know you will feel better soon. Tell your mommy that we are praying for you guys everyday and we love you!!
    Miss Melanie and Benjamin

  2. Hang in there 'bear'! Somedays we all feel like we've had enough, and that's OK. It was great to see you this morning, and cuddle for a while. You just keep on sleeping and getting better and before you know it you'll be kicking and squirming all over the place again. Love you punkin!
    grandpa J

  3. Prayers and good thoughts all everything else, for a healthy and strong little Braska to be going home soon!

  4. Oh Braska...Hang in there my friend. Even though you say you feel really crumby, you look super cute. When I was born I wouldn't eat from Mommy. They tried and tried and I just wasn't into it. They feed me with a syringe for awhile. I gotta tell you ultimately bottles rule. Give it a fair shake! Its cool cause Mom can still give you her milk, but anybody can feed you. It is the best of both worlds. Get that yucky virus out and we can hang out sometime. Get better Braska. I can't hug yet, but if I could I would give you one! Your buddy, Ali P.

  5. Hey Buddy- We have been thinking about you today! Hope your afternoon is going well and that your weekend will be good. Come home soon and eat up good for you mommy! Tell your mommy we said hi too. Happy Wiggles to ya- Karen, Maddy, and Gracie


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