Saturday, April 21, 2007

Family from SC

It's back to St. Louis today, but thank goodness it's not for me! We came down to Grandma C's house so we could see Uncle Gordon and Aunt Kelly. I haven't ever met them til today. Uncle Gordon is Grandma C's brother, and they came to visit from South Carolina. Grandma C got back from her Montana trip today too so there were lots of travel stories to tell. That must be why all the guys in the family stayed outside.

Uncle Gordon made dinner, and it had a funny name...kabobs. Isn't fun to say? Kabobs!

The whole gang was there, Uncle Levi, Auntie April, and Uncle Ethon, too. I thought Uncle Ethon was pretty funny. I think Aunt Kelly might have thought he was, too. But my hands are almost always more interesting than anything else.

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day, and I'll tell you all about it!


  1. Ok, so can Uncle Gordon come to my house and grill? The kabobs look fantastic!

  2. Miss Mindy--I'll tell Uncle Gordon that you need him to stop by next trip for dinner.


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