Monday, April 16, 2007

One day happier

This morning was back to our regular stuff. Mommy did work and I played. I felt better, and Mommy was funny when we were playing. I smiled at her, and she got all excited. I'm not sure what was so exciting. I have smiled at her before I think, but this time I let out some little noises when I smiled. Then she kept trying to make me do it again. I guess that making noise when you smile at something funny is called "laughing," and Mommy likes me to do that.

If it weren't for this silly tube in my nose with all the tape and stuff, I'd be able to smile more, I think. When Mommy puts the tube in next time, she'll make it prettier than they did at the hospital. She just keeps telling me that if I would drink from the bottle then I could get the tube out again. I guess I'll get around to that when I feel a little better.


  1. Holy smokes Braska! You look like such the little grown up lady in this picture! So happy to see you smiling :o) Love you!!

    Auntie Rachie

  2. Glad you're home, Braska! Hope you are feeling top notch soon! You're cute with or without that tube...Georgia says she can sympathize though!!!

  3. Hi Auntie Rach--Mommy said you were sick, and I know that's no fun, so I hope you're feeling better.

    Miss Trixie--Tell Georgia that we'll both be rid of these tubes someday soon. Maybe we'll get pictures together then!

  4. So glad to see your beautiful smile! Talk to you soon- Karen K

  5. Way to Go, Braska! Just got back from being with your great-grandma Farthing in the hospital. You know about hospitals, don't you!!?? She is sick but she smiles really big when I show her your pictures! Like the rest of us she loves you bunches! Keep on eating and growing!

    Love, papa beagle


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