Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday at the Mall

This morning I got up early, and after Mommy and I played a little bit, she took me out to see Uncle Gordon, who was already awake. I played with him, and even took a little nap with him, while Mommy tried to get a little sleep. (Last night he tried to give me some pizza... I forgot to mention it, but it was sticky.)

Then everyone went to do stuff. Uncle Gordon and Uncle Ethon went to play some cards, Grandma C and Aunt Kelly went to do some super shopping, and Grandpa John went to work for a while. Mommy, Pop, and I went to the mall and walked around some. Mommy said that's a big deal, since Pop doesn't like to do that kind of shopping at all. So thanks for going, Pop. It was fun riding around with you while Mommy shopped, and it made Mommy happy to have you along with us. We didn't get anything at the mall, but that's ok.

When we got home, everyone else got home soon too. I spent some time with my favorite toys...yep, it's the hands! They're so interesting!

Mommy took a nap for a while, and I napped with Grandpa.

And tonight everyone all piled into the living room to watch 24. The boys played more cards, too. I played on my new blanket from Mr. Dave and Miss Jacque. It's pink and I love it! Thanks very much!!!


  1. Hi little Braska! Tell daddy he scores big points when he takes you and mommy shopping! Hands are wonderful things, aren't they? Wait till you can reach your toesies! Love you, little one! Auntie V

  2. PS. You should have taken a big huge bite of that pizza - Uncle Ethon probably would have fainted! :)

  3. Hi Auntie V--You are right about Pop doing good to go shopping with us. And I do love my hands!


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