Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally home

It's so nice to be back at home. I like my bed so much better than the one at the hospital. And it's nice to sleep in some quiet instead of all those weird noises that go on at the hospital. Plus, here I have my own room!!

Tonight we went to eat with Mr. Tim, Miss Mindy, and Mia at Olive Garden. It's one of Mommy and Pop's favorite places. And Mia likes it especially because she eats lots of black olives every time. She even drank the olive juice tonight. Ewwww. I don't think I'll like olive juice ever.

I wasn't feeling very good, so Pop cuddled me most of the night. I must have gone to sleep because I woke up and I was back in my seat. Pop was paying the bill and we left.
Now I'm ready for bed. I haven't taken much to drinking from the bottle today, but maybe I'll feel more like it tomorrow.


  1. So Little Miss, your great Uncle Fritz came to visit me today out here at Great Grandma Jeannine's. He is a pretty tough old guy who works hard and lives by his own creed. One day he did some work for a friend of his on a plumbing issue. The friend paid him, but Fritz wouldn't take it because they were friends. Later on this friend moved down to Nevada. But a few weeks ago sent Fritz a check for $500.00. Fritz didn't want it but thought it might be wrong to return a gift and might hurt his friend's feelings so he thought and thought. Then he thought maybe his nephew's daughter might need it. (That's you). But then the friend called and said the check he sent was a bad check...written on the wrong account. So Uncle Fritz then told him how he didn't even want the money...but then told him about you and that he would like you to get the money. So the friend thought that was good. So he sent Uncle Fritz another check, out of the right account only this time the check was for $600.00. So now I have a check in my purse to bring to you. Isn't that kind of a cool story? Anyway Uncle Fritz would like you to send a picture of yourself to this friend that lives in Nevada. So hopefully you can do that. Love you Little Miss.

  2. Glad you are home! Karen K

  3. Hi Grandma C--that's a really neat story. I'll tell Mommy to send a picture to the nice man in Nevada. Just tell her where he lives. Hope you're having fun.

    Karen K and Jennifergg--thank you. Home is my favorite place.


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