Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another St. Louis Sunday

Before I got ready for church, I hung out with Aunt Kelly. She said she was scared of babies, but I don't think I'm scary at all. So we just chatted for a bit and she didn't seem scared to me at all. I had fun, Aunt Kelly!

Then we went to church at Grandpa John's church. He has a thing every week when he has all the kids come up to the front. Then he tells them a story just for them.

Someday I'll be big enough to run down there with all the other kids!

During church, I was really having fun. It's a secret why I was so happy... I'm not telling. But I showed Pop alot of smiles for sure.

After church, Mommy and I went with Auntie April, Miss Karen, Aunt Kelly, and Grandma C to eat lunch. Everyone said they ate too much, so it must have been good. Pop went with the rest of the boys to play golf. He took lots of pictures while the rest of the boys played. They were gone a really long time, but I don't know why. They didn't seem to be doing that much exciting stuff... see?

Maybe they were there to see this guy...

Or maybe he was just watching them.

Tonight when it was dark and quiet, Mommy and I had some talks. She was awake every time I woke up, so it was nice to have company. I don't undertand everything, but she said it was all going to be ok because God will take good care of us. He is bigger than even the big big big big problems, and he loves us very much.


  1. Dear Nebraska,

    I'm glad you had a good time in church and with so many relatives. And it's ALWAYS good to see you smile in your pictures. Keep on having good talks with your Mommy and Pop. It's a big help in growing up.

    papa beagle

  2. Gr'pa Pastor is a great guy. You don't have to wait to run up to listen to him give the childrens message. Mommy and Pop can take you up to listen whenever your ready. MS Ladies Bible study is praying about this goofy bottle thing that seems to be such a big stumbling block. You'll get the hang of it little one just keep practicing!

    God Bless You,

  3. Papa Beagle--I'm gonna keep talking to Mommy, but she said we need to try to do it in the daytime.

    Meshi--Thanks for praying for me and that bottle. I'll try again very soon.

  4. Hey Braska- We are in MN for a visit, but we wanted to say Hi! it looks like your grandpa is a lot of fun! you listen to all of those talks that your Mommy has she is a smart lady. And try that bottle again, it really is not all that bad and you will like all the energy that you have after you fill up your tummy! Talk to you soon- The Kleinman Girls


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