Friday, April 20, 2007

Running around

This was a busy day, and I'm tired, so I'll do another one of those quick-info kind of stories for you.

~~This morning I had a bath, and I actually thought it was fun. Mommy said that's good.

~~I went to work with Pop for a while today while Mommy went to a doctor's appointment. Mr. Scott walked around with me some, and I think that's nice. Pop didn't take any pictures because he didn't know the camera was in the bag. Guess that means I'll just have to go back again!! It was fun!

~~After Mommy picked me up from Pop's office, we went to Dr. Y's office and Miss Laurie put me on the silly scale one more time. Mommy wasn't as pleased with the numbers today, but she said it was ok.

~~Mommy and I went to a place where the people did something to Mommy's car. But I slept most of the time, so I don't remember much.

~~We did a bank run, where we take money from one bank to another bank. Mommy says it's a good plan, but from what I understand, it doesn't make sense. Something about interest, she says. Oh well.

~~When Pop got home from work, we all went out to Mr. David's and Miss Ella's to drop Belle off to stay with them while we go back to St. Louis this weekend. It was nice to see them.

~~Now Pop is gone playing the game with the cards again, Mommy is trying to clean the house, and I'm going to bed. Good night.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Braska. We just got back from our church camp. We were there for an overnight retreat. There was a cute baby there you would have liked. Keep eating all you can so you can grow. One of these days they'll quit making you get on that silly scale!

    Love ya,
    papa beagle


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