Saturday, April 14, 2007


The doctors decided to let me go home today. Yippee! It took alot of help from my nurse Miss Jenny to get all the stuff together that I need when I get home. She really worked hard for us! Thanks Miss Jenny!

As we were leaving, we took a few pictures, because this was a pretty cool place.

Every floor had neat circles with words on it. I thought they were neat. This was my floor.

This was the neato place where people can eat. I didn't get to go there since they had a sign on my door called Isolation. That meant I didn't get to run around the hospital like some kids did.

This is the front door. There's little plastic people down there on the sidewalk that are cute, I think.

And these neato colored things are in the building where we parked our car. They are supposed to keep us from driving out a window, I think.

Mommy and Pop are real proud of me they said, because I took my bottle today for my whole meal two times this afternoon. I'm just tired of this tube in my nose, so I'd like to get it out again.
So now I'm at Grandpa John's house with Mommy and Pop. We'll go home soon I think.


  1. That is great that you got to go home! Swell Braska!

    And thanks for the comment over on my site.

  2. Can't wait to see you Braska! Karen K

  3. Miss Christina--It IS great to be home! Tell Vince I said hello!

    Miss Karen K--Someday soon it'll be time to play in the pool and Maddy can show me how it's done.


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