Saturday, April 28, 2007

Work and workout

There was alot to get done today, that's for sure. Mommy was busy with work-work, cleaning the house, and getting my closet all ready with stuff that fits me for summer. Pop helped out with some laundry too. I napped some and played some while they worked.

Then this afternoon Mommy and I went to the park to get some exercise and fresh air. It was really nice outside, sunny and kind of windy, but it felt good. Even with all the stuff to see, I was most interested in my favorite picture, it's on the inside of my car seat and has red and yellow in it. Mommy always says it's silly that I like it so much instead of other toys and stuff to see.

Here's me with a big heavy ball.

And here's me in the middle of one of the art things.

Don't miss my note about my Great Granny F below... that's really the most important part of my day.


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