Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bath, blanket, and bye-bye bonding

As you might remember, at least those of you who check in on me everyday, I have had a few unpleasant baths and several that were ok. I have a hard time telling Mommy what's wrong with the bad baths, so she just guesses at what to do the next time. SO today, Mommy gave me a bath, and it wasn't so bad. There was plenty of warm water, and a great big towel that was in the bath with me to keep me warm and covered. I don't like just being "out there." No clothes is no fun. Mommy tried to be quick about it, so that's good. This one was not so bad today.

I got a nice warm blanket in the mail today from my Great-Auntie Julie. It is cute, and it's very warm. Mommy let me nap with it today, and I even took it with me to go out this evening. Thanks Auntie Julie and Uncle Bill!

Tonight we went to El Toro with "the kids," which is what Mommy and Pop call Mr. Tim, Miss Mindy, and Miss mia. Mr. Michael also came along. Pop wasn't feeling very well, so he stayed home. Miss Martha wasn't in tonight to see us, but Miss Lupe and Miss Chayo were there. They are all so nice to me! Mr. Tim and Mr. Michael are taking new jobs in a few months, so they'll all be leaving. Mr. Tim, Miss Mindy, and Mia are going to Belgium. I have no idea where that is, but Mommy says it's far away and we probably won't be able to go visit. Maybe we can. Mia's my friend, so I'm sad she's leaving.

While we were there, some more friends of ours were there too. So I said hi to them and posed for a picture with the Smiths and Mr. Mosser.
Tomorrow I have to go and get on the silly scale at Dr. Y's office, so help me pray that I'm doing better and not losing more!

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  1. That's a good-lookin' group of folks. I do miss the 'Toro!


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