Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Going up

I played with my music gym this morning so Mommy could work on some things. I really had fun, and then Mommy caught me snoozing. It's tiring to have lots of fun!

That silly scale that Miss Laurie always puts me on at Dr. Y's finally gave me a good grade today. I don't like that thing at all. It's hard, and I'm naked, so it's not very comfortable. But at least it means I'm getting a little bit bigger. And that's what everyone seems to want. Can you see the numbers? (pssssst...if you can't, did you know that you can click on the picture and it will get bigger for you to see better?)

Mommy took a close-up of me so you could see how much the marks on me from where Dr. F fixed me are going away. She says I'm lookin' good!

Miss Amiee and Miss Laurie check to see how I'm doing every day, and they've helped Mommy out alot. They even gave Mommy a nice card when we were there. Mommy said that was really nice and that I should learn to be nice from them.

After Dr. Y's office, Mommy and I went to see Ali and Miss Sara. Miss Sara had some things for us that she didn't need.

Ali is just a couple weeks younger than me but she can do lots of stuff. Somehow she has figured out how to roll all the way to her tummy, but I can't figure out how to get past my arm when I get about half way over. I wish she'd tell me her secret. We only really met today but we became fast friends.


  1. Going up is good Little Miss. I love to see you gaining weight. I will pulling for you to break the 11 barrier. Have a great day and give your mom and dad a hug for me.

  2. Braska, you make me laugh, from my heart and that is always good! Keep on going up! Kepp on having fun! Did Ali tell you how to roll over?
    grandpa J

  3. Braska- Sounds like you are doing great! Don't worry about that rolling thing, I just figured it out a little while ago (and I am lots bigger than both you and Ali) and I still get stuck on my arm lots. My mommy says that rolling isn't for everyone, but some babies think it is fun. I'll tell you what we all will have fun doing, floating, you ask your mom, she will tell you what I mean. See you soon friend- Gracie K

  4. Grandma C--I told them about the pork chops, but they didn't get the message.

    PJ--Ali didn't give me the secret about rolling over. I think she wants to be the only one doing it.

    Gracie K--Mommy says floating is fun. She said that there will be a bunch of us floating this year. Maybe its our hair that keeps us from rolling so easy. Even though I don't have nearly as much as you, we both have Ali beat!


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