Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy morning

Good morning, Friends! I'm feeling pretty good this morning, so I wanted to say hi right away! I slept all the way through the night again, so that's nice. Mommy says that's one good thing about this icky tube. I can sleep right through getting my food. My Pop is so jealous of that. He doesn't like to eat either. I guess I get it from him. Mommy always tells me I get my blue eyes from Pop too, and it always makes her smile.

I know yesterday I didn't make Mommy smile some, but I just don't like that bottle. Some days it's ok, but I didn't want it yesterday. I've heard from the pandas that girls change their minds alot, so I guess I must just be a girl. Mommy was trying to tell me why I should take the bottle, but I just smiled at her with the noise, oh yeah, I mean laughed at her and she just smiled and hugged me big. I've figured out that she can stop being upset with me if I give her smiles and laughs. It's fun, too!

I go to see Dr. Y today, so we got dressed and ready this morning. I'm finally big enough to wear one of Auntie Rachel's special outfits for me. They all have this little tiny horse and person on them, and Auntie Rachel says they are the best. I have never seen her in anything that doesn't have that little horse on it, so it must be good. She's a cool auntie, so I'll do what she does!


  1. That is one cool outfit there Braska! You just go ahead and keep growing because there will be lots more ponie outfits coming your way. And yes - I am feeling better! :o)
    Love you -
    Autie Rach

  2. Vince wants her to know she is a little hottie!

  3. Hi baby girl!
    I just wanted to let you know I love you and think of you every day. I hope you start eating better for mommy so she can sleep too! Love to you and mommy and pop, Aunt Valerie

  4. Too Cute! Karen K

  5. Precious little one--you look great and your grandma in Montana wanted to hear all about you. Everyone up here thinks you're pretty special also.

  6. Hi Auntie Rach--Glad you're feeling better. Maybe we can go shopping soon.

    Miss Christina--I'm not sure what "hottie" means, but Mommy says I should feel lucky cuz Vince is super cool!

    Hi Aunt Valerie--Hope I can meet you some day. I'm trying to eat better since you asked so nice.

    Miss Karen K--Thank you. I just wish I had more hair like Gracie.

    Miss Karen--I wish I could go with you guys. It sounds like you're having fun. Take care of Grandma C since I'm not there to do it. And hello to all that Montana family!


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