Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Baby Braska

That's what my friend Connor calls me. I'll tell you about him in a minute.

First we took Belle to see Miss Wilma. She's all pretty again.

Then I had a little gym time. Mommy kept asking me how I was moving around. I don't know! I just do it.

While I was playing in my gym, Belle kept bringing me her toy. She likes to set it on my tummy and then she just looks at me. I don't know what she thinks I'm going to do with it. Mommy says that someday I'll be able to throw it for her and she'll bring it back to me. I think Belle is tired of waiting.

We did a little time on my tummy today, too. I like it when we do that. Mommy got all excited when I looked up at her for a second.

It's kind of fun to get to look around. Mommy says that soon there will be a nice lady, Miss Robin, who will be coming every week to help me learn that stuff better and get stronger.

Then Mommy put me in these funny shorts. Miss Robin gave them to her to help me. I'm not sure how they help, because someone forgot and sewed the legs together. It's hard to move, but Mommy says that is kind of the point. It's so my legs will work better later on, I guess. I think they're a little silly, but at least they're pink.

Tonight we went to Connor's house for a while. Pop played cards again while Mommy and Miss Nico talked and stuff.

Connor likes to tell everyone what my name is. He likes to say Hi to me too, and I think that's nice. Hi Connor!

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  1. I LOVE that picture of Braska looking up! Great work!


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