Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter eve

Mommy was really busy today working on a bunch of papers and stuff. I just wanted her to play with me, but she kept trying to work. So she stopped to do stuff with me alot, but she finally had Pop play with me for a while so she could get things done, I guess. I don't know why grown-ups always have to do stuff. Playing is way more fun.

I had some applesauce again this morning, and it was pretty yummy. But Mommy says I make a mess when I play and don't eat it right away.

We went to church tonight. We don't usually do that, but we go to a really big church with lots and lots of people. So since tomorrow is a special day, we went tonight to leave more space for visitors and other people to be there tomorrow.

We saw Mr. and Mrs. Nelson at church, and they came by the house later to say hello to me and pick up some dishes. They were real nice and brought some food over a while back so Mommy wouldn't have to cook that night. Mommy really likes that alot. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Nelson!

We have another dog at our house right now. It's Mia's dog, Basil, and she's a good dog. But Basil and Belle don't always play friendly, mostly Belle--she's not friendly sometimes. Tonight they decided to get in an argument, and it scared me a little. But now they're friends again, so it's ok. Basil's family is gone on a trip right now, but they'll be back tomorrow.

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