Thursday, March 8, 2007

THE END! (of the hospital stay, that is)

It is SO nice to be out of that place. The people there were nice and took really good care of me, but it's nice to be dressed, among other things. I got pretty excited when they started to get me ready. The nurse took off all the sticky things on me, took out that icky needle that's been in my hand for a week, and she got me dressed. That felt SO good!

Mommy and I headed out about 11:20 this morning, and we left quick before they could tell us to stay. But we did stop to say Cheese! This is so exciting!

This afternoon I just relaxed at Grandma C and Grandpa John's house. I had a pretty good chat with Uncle Levi, and I lost a staring contast with Blanket Bear, but he cheated.

We're going to stay here for a few more days, because Mommy wants to be sure everything's ok before we go all the way home. And I have to go visit the doctor who worked me over last week on Monday so he can see how good I look. My Pop is coming to visit me tomorrow, and I can't wait to show him all my new tricks.


  1. Keep on practicing! That darn bear will blink sooner or later.

  2. You look so good, you should go on a roadtrip with your Grandma C. I am glad you are staying the weekend so you can see the doctor on Monday. That gives us more cuddle time.

  3. As Tim McGraw would sing "You're beautiful baby from the outside in, chase your dreams!" Love, Aunt V

  4. Congratulations on leaving the hospital! What a great day. Nebraska looks fantastic!


  5. Lookin' Good! Have a fun weekend with all your family! Can't wait to see you soon.

  6. Congratulations! that is great tha you guys could leave already!


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