Wednesday, March 7, 2007

End of day 7

Another busy day for me, yes sir. While Miss Karen was here, Nurse Barb came to check on me for the doctor. Then three ladies (occupational therapists, according to one of the name badges) came to see me. One of them kept sticking her finger in my mouth for some reason. I don't like that so much, but I didn't argue with them too much. They seem to want me to do something with a "bottle." I don't understand, because I get my food without any effort on my part. It goes straight to my tummy in this tube in my nose. Why would I want to work for it now? I don't even have to wake up to eat. (My Pop is jealous of that little fact.) Then someone came and poked my finger for some kind of test. It didn't hurt too bad. I hope I passed the test.

My Papa Beagle (that's what I call my Mom's dad) came to visit at the same time as my Uncle Jody and his girlfriend Skye. They talked me right to sleep, but it was nice to see them.

I got to spend a little time with my mom just resting some. She just keeps smooching on me all the time, but I kind of like the attention.

But here's the big news......Miss Mary, who works with my doctor, came by this evening and said I might get out of the hospital tomorrow. Mom was so surprised, and I'm excited to get unstuck to all these silly cords and stuff. Let's hope I really get to leave. Here's how happy I am about this... (I'm grinning under the tape.)

My Pop called today to check on me and talk to Mommy. That made Mommy and me very happy! We miss Pop alot! He cuddles really good.

Oh, and happy birthday to my Grandpa John!


  1. Hey wee one. Did you know you are my hero? Thank you for letting me stop by and play with you while you were in the hospital. It has been lots of fun. You are really getting good at scratching at your NG tube with your bandaged hand and pulling at it with your other hand. Why does you little face turn red and squinch up when I catch you? Sometimes there's even a little squeal. Are you a little miffed because I am a little faster than you? I love you precious---

  2. That is so exciting, I really hope you guys get to go home soon. Braska seems to be doing so well!

  3. Wow! What an unbelievable fighter that little one is! She just continues to show us the God-given strength that she has. Our prayers continue to go up for little Braska and her Mom and Pop as they live this wonderful journey of life and parenting.


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