Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More about yesterday

Good news everyone! I'm not feeling quite so grouchy today, and that seems to please Mommy and pretty much everybody else too. I thought I'd tell you a little more about my day yesterday.

Mommy spent all day with me again, rocking, talking, and singing to me. The nurses kept telling me I was going to move upstairs, but they just kept leaving me there. Finally, my nurse Lauren came and said it was time. So we went on a ride through the halls and in the elevator.

Mommy's friend Melanie came to visit and got there right as we were moving, so she went with us to the new room. (She's in the picture up there on the left.) She stayed and talked with us for a while. I just did not like laying in the bed while they were there having fun, so I tried to tell Mommy to pick me up, and she finally got the point.

Later on, I was happy to lay in bed and look at my toys. I even gave Mommy a bunch of smiles, but I wouldn't let her catch them on camera. She almost got one, though.

I went to sleep, mostly just because Mommy asked me to and she really needs to sleep too. I put up some pretty good numbers when I got all calmed down...

I'm not exactly sure what those numbers are, but Mommy told me this morning that I did super good!

Miss Karen is visiting me this morning so Mommy can go get some work on her computer to do today. We always have such a good time when Miss Karen comes.


  1. Holy Cow is that 133 her heart rate? Sweet.

  2. That's right, Pop. Look at me go!

  3. You have a "Little Heart of Gold" Braska.... Keep up the awesome job and you will be home in your own bed very soon :-)



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