Saturday, March 3, 2007

End of day 3

Today was a pretty fun day. After Miss Karen came this morning and spent time with me, Mommy came and spent the whole day with me.

We talked about stuff and I showed her how much I can move around with all my new energy!

Click below for a clip of me doing my thing!

And here's a few more...

Sometimes I get so excited and I just don't know what to do with all the spunk I have now! The nurse put another tube in my nose like the one I've had every day of my life... I didn't like that alot, but it was no big deal. She taped it to my face so I can't pull it out like I always do, but I spent alot of the day trying my best to get a hold of it. Mommy kept telling me NO and trying to get me to do other things, but I just don't like that thing, so I kept on grabbing at it.

I have a really cool roommate named Nathan. He's just a baby...way younger than me. But he's got more hair than me and a better heart rate, so I'm trying to catch up with him. His parents and grandparents are real nice and always say hello to me when they come in. Nathan's mommy works with my Auntie Rachel.

My Auntie April and Uncle Levi came by today to visit too.

They didn't like how I looked the other day, all scary and such, but they seemed pleased with how I looked today. I like holding onto Uncle Levi's hand.

I made pretty good progress today, too. They took out two of my three chest tubes. I also started getting Pedialyte again today, and they said that tonight I get to start having milk again. I'm so ready for a meal, so that's good! Mommy helped me with a bottle today. I'm not very good at drinking from a bottle yet, but I like to chew on the nipple and I get some good stuff in my mouth that way. I don't cough near as much anymore when I have something in my mouth, so that's really nice. The nurse said that I might get to move to a new room in the Transition Care Unit as soon as tomorrow evening, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm trying to get better as fast as I can!


  1. Lookin' good, 'Braska. I could tell you were totally going for the tube in your nose on the video. And you are getting some serious traffic on your blog:)

  2. Way to go sweetie, you are improving quickly! That makes us all so happy that you are feeling better! Auntie V

  3. Good job, Braska! We're so proud of you! I bet you're just keeping Mommy on her toes by trying to pull out the tube.

  4. Great job. The movie clips are really cute :-)

  5. Pop likes it when you say hi.


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