Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mommy's vacation

I haven't seen my Mommy since yesterday morning when she left to head to the doctor. I've had lots of fun with Grandma C, Grandpa John, Uncle Levi, Auntie April, Miss Karen, and then my Pop got here too. They tell me that my Mommy is away for a little while getting fixed up and then she'll be back soon. I heard some of you were wondering what was up, so here's what I've picked up from everyone talking around me.

Mom went to see a doctor who sent her for a test that showed her gallbladder was sick. So he sent her to stay at the hospital. Auntie Rachel got her a real nice room, since she's at Auntie Rachel's hospital. She also did all kinds of other real helpful things for Mommy to help her get better faster, putting her with the best doctors. Last night they did another test that made Mommy very sick and hurt real bad, so I didn't like hearing that. But they did find out what they needed to know so that they could make her better. Today they did surgery and took that bad gallbladder out. The doctor who worked on her was real nice, they said, and he did a great job. She's already feeling pretty good and getting up and around tonight. She gets to come home, well, to Grandma and Grandpa's house, tomorrow, and that makes me happy!

Thanks for praying for me and now for praying for my Mommy too!


  1. thanks for the update, braska! you be a good girl for grandma, so your mommy can get some rest. come home quick, we can't wait to see you! also, if you have any new photos, we would love to see all the fun you are having now that you are feeling better!

  2. Hey Braska Bear! I know you missed your mommy, but I promise I made sure the nice doctor and nurses took good care of her! Sure liked having your mommy around (even if she was sick) Love you!
    --Auntie Rach


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