Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fashion show and a good long nap

This morning I got up real early with lots of energy, so since I wouldn't let Mommy sleep, she decided it was time to try on my new clothes that Miss Karen and Grandma C got me yesterday. Here's three of the four outfits... you'll have to wait til tomorrow for the super-snazzy dress.

Here's some pics that Grandma C took last night with my new sunglasses. Am I stylin' or what?

Then I played for a while this morning while Mommy worked. I took a little nap, but I got interrupted so I didn't sleep long. I had some more bananas today, and they were pretty good. This afternoon, Auntie Rachel and Mr. Patrick came to Grandma C's house to see me. They brought me a neato pink outfit. It's for baseball or something...Cardinals, I think. They're big fans. Mommy says it's a little too big, but I'll be able to wear it soon.

We went out to lunch. I went to sleep while they were eating, but soon I woke up again because there were some kids making noise. Plus, I was getting pretty hungry.

When we got home, after I had my lunch, I played on the couch while Mommy worked again. Everyone else, except Grandpa John was gone, so the house was quiet. Grandpa was working on something, so he was outside most of the time. Mommy turned me over on my tummy so I could play and practice my head-up stuff, and that's the last thing I remember. She told me that I went right to sleep. And I do feel much better now! That was a great nap! We'll have to remember how that works.

Tomorrow's Sunday, and I'll get to wear my new dress, I think. I'm sad that my Pop isn't here to see how pretty I'll look, especially since Sunday is our time together, but I'll get to see him in a few days. I miss you, Pop!


  1. Good looking outfits, but those sunglasses, wow. The pic on the left made me laugh. Small price to pay for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

  2. Braska, you are getting so big! You look so cute in your new outfits. Will you give mommy a hug for me and tell her that I miss her. I saw your daddy at church today and he told me to write to you, so there you go! Love you, Miss Andrea

  3. She looks so good and healthy and happy!

  4. What a good looking crew! You're really getting to be a big little baby these days! So glad Mr. Patrick & I got to come and see you. Love you!

    --Auntie Rach


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