Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Some of you might think I'm being silly to call this my birthday, but in my world, 4 months is a big deal! Mommy, Pop, Belle (our little dog), and I took a little walk today, because it was so nice, and after 4 months, it's about time I get to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Today is also World Down Syndrome Day. I don't really know what that means, but Mommy was telling me about how special I am and how we want everyone to know that it doesn't mean that we won't be great, us kids with DS. We've got alot of stuff to give to this big old world, so watch out! Mommy calls me "the up" in her pouting about Downs around here, no sir! I'm just excited to show Mommy and Pop what I can do!

The only less-than-fun thing about today was that I had to be weighed on that dumb scale again...naked, of course. I just don't care for the undressing part at all!

Miss Tammie came instead of Miss Dayna today, and she weighed me, then waited while I ate lunch, then weighed me again right after. That's too much weighing in one day, if you ask me.

I saw something new today. There were ducks in our backyard. We have a big deep hole in the ground in our backyard that Mommy says is fun to play in when the weather is warm. She calls it "a pool." But I think the ducks are confused, because they float around in the rainwater on top of the cover like it's a lake or something. Then they just sit on the side and enjoy the sun. It looks like fun, so I hope it gets warm soon so I can try it too.


  1. Those Lucky Ducks. I don't get to sit on the edge of your pool. How was the weight today little one? I hope you are doing some serious eating.

  2. Happy Birthday kid! Tell those doctors if they want you to fatten up, we can get you a big ole birthday cake! You have definitely become an UP in my day too. I love all your little thoughts and happy things! I am so happy that you are healthy and ready to take on the world. Maddy and Gracie are sick right now, but when they are well enough for friends we are going to come play, okay. Talk to you soon- Karen

  3. Braska,

    I think those two ducks flew out to give you love from Oregon....they look familiar! I love you. :) Keep growing and eating. Have an UP day! Auntie V


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