Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Today I rode in the car again. I took a little nap, but I didn't sleep all the way, so the trip was much longer than the last time we did it. I started complaining just before we got there, but Mommy just kept going. There's a big silver thing by the water that we went by. Mommy said one day we can go inside of it when I get bigger.

I got some cuddle time with Grandpa John and Grandma C. I also got to see Auntie April and Uncle Levi tonight, since they came to visit me. This is me with Uncle Levi, just chatting about what's new.

Tomorrow we'll have more play time I think, and that will be fun!


  1. Nice shot of the Arch! I am surprised you didn't take the 255 loop to avoid Poplar St. bridge congestion ...oops, that's a bad word. Have a great time with Gpa John, Grammy C, Levi, and April. Hope your mommy's sinuses are better and she gets answers on the incision that is slow to heal.

    Love, papa beagle
    PS: I showed more of your pictures at church last night -- I gave a print of you and Pop on the horse to the man who built the horse .. Uncle Wayne...

  2. Nebraska, I was wondering if mommy stopped the car when she took that great picture of the arch? If not, you may have to have a little talk with her about safety 1st. I'm pretty sure you'll get plenty of them from her later in life! Love you munchkin.
    Gpa J


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