Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meeting some fans

Mommy had an appointment with a doctor today, so I went with her so she wouldn't cry. I see alot of doctors, so I'm used to it. Dr. L told Mommy that everything looks good. So I guess she's ok. While we were there, I got to meet Miss Jennifer, one of Mommy's friends from a long time ago (at least before I can remember). She works at the place where we saw Dr. L. She says she reads my blog, so she was glad to get to meet me. Hi Miss Jennifer!!

After we got done with the appointment, we met Auntie Rachel for lunch. Mommy and Auntie Rachel talked for a long time, so long that I fell asleep while Auntie Rachel was holding me. Then we ended up at Auntie Rachel's hospital so that I could meet the nice ladies who work with her. She said they all check the blog to see what I'm doing each day too. Hi Ladies!!! It was nice to meet you all!

We went to see Auntie Rachel's office too. She has pictures of me on the wall and on her shelves. I feel special! Thanks Auntie Rachel. Say hello to Mr. Patrick for me! She must do important work or something because she has alot of stuff in her office. And she works alot!

When we got back to Grandma's house, I just played for a while in my gym. It was lots of fun.

Here's some action for those of you that seem to like it... showin' off a new almost-skill...

Here's a few more little videos if you need more (yes, I see you Grandparents!)
Seat play
Gym play 2
Gym play 3


  1. That's a good lookin' casualwear onezie you got there, 'Braska. Looks like you were about 65% of the way to rolling over, too.

  2. Great news that you are all Ok according to the Dr's. I am healing up just fine too. The cut is right about where my pants sit, so that is a bit annoying.

    The movie is so cute. I can't believe how active she is. She looks like she is doing amazing!

  3. Great video! Soon she'll be echoing Todd Beamer: "Let's Roll!"

    Keep exercising, Braska, and get stronger and stronger!

    papa beagle

  4. Hi Braska,
    I live in St. Louis but grew up in Belle so I go to the Bland Christian Church sometimes and I found out about your blog from Bruce Elmore (Pastor). I prayed for you hard when you were having your surgery and I check your blog once in a while to see how you're doing and pray for you and your family some more. I love your pictures and videos. You are such a beautiful little girl. Keep up the great progress, Braska. You've got a lot of fans. Love in Christ, Amanda


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