Saturday, March 17, 2007

Comfy days

Saturdays at our house are comfy days. That means that we all wear our comfy clothes most of the day. For Mommy and Pop, they have soft, cozy pants and shirts that are great to cuddle up on the couch in. For me, it means I get to wear my pajamas all day, unless we go out somewhere. Mommy spent the morning working around the house and putting lots of stuff away while Pop read some, napped some, and took a bath. So I spent this morning in my chair, talking to Mr. Panda Rattle, in my pajamas.

We did finally get dressed, at least a little bit, this afternoon when Mommy and I went to Wal-Mart. We got a whole bunch of stuff, mostly stuff to eat since we've been gone and there's not much there. At least that's what Pop says... I don't have any trouble with finding food, so I don't really know what they mean.

When we got back, Pop helped me to try out my super cool rocking horse that was made just for me. It was a gift from Grammy Jan and Papa Beagle (that's what I call Mommy's mommy and daddy.) Auntie Joy, Uncle Ryan, and Auntie Julia were also in on this project, picking out what the horse would look like. I think Pop just likes to ride it for himself, but at least he let me ride along with him.

Tonight I got a bath, and Mommy says I used to like them, but I don't think she's right. I didn't care for it at all. Oh well... I smell pretty good now.


  1. Sounds like your day was quite fun. Except for the bath. You need a jacuzzi tub, like grandma C has and!

  2. great pics!
    Thnaks for all the well wishes, I finally got to go home today :-)

    How are YOU feeling?

  3. Christina--SO glad you're home! I'm feeling much better, thanks... still sore and preferring not to wear stiff clothes, but overall, not too bad.


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