Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tube free!!!

I am pretty excited... today I realized how to get my food directly from the source and without that silly tube that's been in my nose every day of my life. This is a big deal!!!

Here's how I think it happened... I have lots of panda bears in my room. My mommy has collected them since she was my age, and she made my room out of some of her special panda stuff. There are some big bears that keep me safe in my big crib at night, and they got to telling me some stories last night. Apparently, most kids my age have a special deal with their mommies where they get to spend a little close time with them while they get their bellies filled. I couldn't believe that there was a deal where there would be no machines or tubes or special gadgets needed to get my food. Everyone has been trying to get me to take this "bottle" they keep talking about, but it's just not my thing. This plan seems a bit better.

So when I woke up and Mommy came to get me out of bed this morning, I thought I'd give it a try. Mommy got the message, so I guess I made it clear, and I got my food in no time flat! Mommy and Pop were really excited too, and I was happy to make their day. Every little while I'd get kind of rumbly in my tummy and I would let Mommy know it was time for more. She was glad to give me food every time. How easy is that?! I think I like this plan... wait til I tell the bears tonight!


  1. That's awesome Little Miss.

  2. You are so adorable....with or without tubes, you steal my heart! Love you, Auntie V

  3. Go Braska! What a smart girl you are! I never liked bottles either, and Gracie did for a little while but I told her they were silly. Can we play soon? I would really like that! maddy

  4. It's those Panda bears! I knew when that nickname got started it would lead to MANY GOOD THINGS!

    Way to go Braska!

    papa beagle


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