Friday, March 9, 2007

More hospital??

I guess my Mommy didn't like not being at the hospital, because last night while I was asleep, Uncle Levi took her to another hospital since she was hurting bad in her back. And today she told me that Grandma C is going to keep me all day while Mommy goes to see some doctors and maybe to the hospital for something called a gallbladder. I hope I don't have one of those. It doesn't seem to make Mommy happy. The good news is that I'm feeling good!


  1. Braska,

    Yaay!!! You are finally out! Now we hope that Mom will be OK. We will pray for her now...

  2. We are praying for your mommy! Tell her to be as brave as you have been and she will be fine! See you soon.

  3. So glad you are doing so well and out of the hospital.
    I am praying you will continue to get real strong . Also praying your mom will be fine soon.
    KR in Mt.

  4. Rodney, Karen, KR, and Christina--Thanks for your concern for me. I'm doing way better even 6 hours after surgery. Thank God for good doctors and a helpful sister who can get me connected with them!


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