Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life in a car seat

I think I got in and out of Mommy's car about 500 times today. Actually, I can't count that high, but I heard Mommy say it like it was alot. I know that we did ride around alot today, but we stayed in the same town the whole time. That seems like no fun. Here's how my day went...

~First thing this morning, before Pop even left for work, we took Belle to see Miss Wilma, her groomer. (She needed a haircut SO BAD!) Then we went back in an hour to pick her up. (This is Miss Wilma saying hi to me.)

Belle's before and after pictures....

~We dropped Belle off at our house and went to see Dr. A. While we were at the hospital, we went to the NICU to say hello to the girls there who took care of me. (Hi Miss Melissa!!) Dr. J wasn't there, so we'll have to go back when I can show him how big I'm getting.
~We went to the bank on the way home from the hospital. (Drive-thru, I didn't get out then.)
~We got home in time for me to eat lunch, then Mommy fixed lunch for Pop so it was ready when he got home for lunch break.
~We went back to the hospital, or the big building next to it, to take some work things of Mommy's to one of the doctors.
~On the way home from the hospital this time, we stopped at Dr. Y's office so they could get me naked on that silly scale again! So much with the naked weighing!
~We stopped at El Toro, our favorite restaurant, (where they all like me and Miss Martha carries me around when we go there) to pick up some things to go with dinner.

By the time we got home, I was snoozing!

Here's some other fun things about today...
~I spent some time on my tummy playing. I haven't been able to do this much because my chest has still been hurting from my surgery. But today it was fun. And I even looked around a bit. Mommy thought that was pretty neat.
~I found that there is a big red button in front of me in my car seat. I can't do anything with it, but I figured out that it's there and so I tried to play with it while we were driving so much.
~My Pop played with me for a little while when he got home from work tonight, and that was fun. I even reached up and grabbed his face. He was impressed, I think.

But after a day like this, I'm pooped. Mommy says tomorrow we'll be in the car for three hours in a row on the way to Grandma C's house. So time for dreaming now, and I'll get to nap tomorrow too.


  1. Next time you grab your Pop's face, pinch his little cheeks. He likes that a lot!

  2. Thanks, Braska, for keeping us updated! You are a very special girl and we send our love!!!!

    papa beagle and grammy jan

  3. You better get your rest little one, because come Wednesday evening you're all mine! It's on the floor and playtime galore! Grandpa John or GJ


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