Saturday, March 24, 2007

Video time, spring time

This is a clip (from earlier this week) that probably will mostly be enjoyed by all my grandparents, as it's probably not too exciting for just you normal people. But in case you want to see how I'm enjoying one of my gyms, here you go.

There are a couple other shorter ones at the following links... again, mostly for my grandparents. They seem to like to see me do just about anything, or even nothing. Love you guys!

Today was pretty warm again. After Mommy worked some this morning and I napped, we went to spend some time outside. We drove around some with the windows open in the car...(even the one in the top of the car!) Then we walked some around this place that has funny things in the grass. Here's some pictures of me in my wheels in front of a few of them.

We also went to get something cold to enjoy, and we sat by some water and watched some funny birds that Mommy called "geese" too. When we got back from running around, Pop had put together my new gym that Grandpa John and Grandma C had given me for Christmas. I like it alot! It has lights and plays music. I want to play with the toys that are hanging down, but I can't quite reach them yet. Mommy has been helping me though to try to learn to reach them.

I'll get it soon. Mommy says I'm getting stronger every day, and she also told me that some nice people will be coming soon to help me start to move around better, which sounds like fun.


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