Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mommy report:cardiology update

We saw Dr. A today. He is the pediatric cardiologist that saw Braska in the NICU a couple of times and originally treated her AV canal issues and such, along with Dr. J. We then went to Dr. F in StL for the surgery, and we've now gone back to Dr. A for follow-up closer to home.

Well today we just did a quick visit with Dr. A to check in so he could get updated on her current condition. He confirmed what Dr. Y told us last week--that there is a murmur, mitral valve regurgitation or leakage, that is heard now. This is not abnormal in situations like hers, but we do need to be sure that it is manageable and not out of hand. He also agreed that we need to get an echo done to see exactly what's happening. Since they want to compare it to the ones right after surgery, we're headed back to see Dr. F on Monday. IF it is more than they like to see, they will watch it for a while and then most likely have to do more surgery to repair the problem. Again, that would not be all that abnormal, but we're really hoping it's not needed.

So we're headed to StL tomorrow afternoon since I have an appt Thursday morning with the surgeon who did my surgery to check on this one incision site that is just not cooperating like the other three did. Then we'll hang out until we see Dr. F on Monday afternoon. I'm kind of tired of packing and unpacking that dumb suitcase!

So that's the latest...you're officially up to date!

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping us so comprehensively up to date by blog and by phone call.

    Love ya all,
    papa beagle


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