Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Sundays at our house always start the same way. I get to hang out for a while in Mommy and Pop's bed after they get me up. Then we all get ready and go to church. I like church. There's music that I like and we see lots of friends there. Everyone there is really nice and they always come over to see me. Today there were even more people who came to see how I was doing after my surgery. I smiled and squirmed all happy-like to show them how good I felt. My mommy is not even feeling as energetic as I am, and my surgery was way worse than hers.

The other really neat thing about church is that it is my special time with my Pop. He always holds me all the way through, and I usually just watch what's happening until I fall asleep. He is really comfortable to cuddle with. Today I got to get up high and look around more, and that was fun.

There are alot of people there.... but everyone I could see smiled at me, and that's really fun. Mommy told me that all those people have been asking God to make me healthy and keep me safe. Thanks everyone!

Our friend Miss Joann came over today to visit too. She brought me some presents... even some sunglasses. I don't quite understand it, but Mommy kept trying to put them on my face. I just thought it was better to play with them.


  1. Nebraska,

    We were so happy to see you at church on Sunday! We didn't get a chance to come up and say hi, but you sure made us smile. You look wonderful!

    Rick & Jeannine

  2. Dear Braska,

    You are a sweet, beautiful and talented little lady and I'd like to link to your blog from mine. I thought I might ask first, though, in case you want to keep your thoughts to your friends and family.

    The blog is called Pinwheels,

    Thank you for considering it. Now back to your regularly scheduled activity, which I imagine is looking cute...

  3. Miss Jennifer--I'd be honored to be linked to your blog. I've added you to my little list as well! Thanks!!

  4. Thank you, Miss Braska. Consider it done!


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