Friday, March 16, 2007

Full Friday

Today was a busy day. I got to spend alot of the morning in my Wheels. That's what I call the thing that Mommy pushes me around in. I like it alot. I think I have a pretty sweet ride. Check out my Wheels!

Mommy took me with her to work on some computers at one of her doctors' offices. The ladies there are so nice to me. Then we went over to the hospital next door to see my friend Miss Carla. She took real good care of me when I stayed at the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks back when I was a new baby.... seems so long ago. Miss Carla is super nice and calls me her Snowbaby. Mommy forgot to take a picture of us , so I can't show you how cute we are together. Maybe next time...

Then we met up with Mommy's good friend Miss Janet. She gave me nice hugs and I showed her how I like to suck on my lip when I'm ready to eat.

Finally Mommy got the message and took me home so I could eat. Then tonight, after Pop got home from work, we went to El Toro. It's our favorite place to eat, and my friend Miss Martha works there. She carried me around to see everyone all over while Mommy and Pop talked to Miss Mindy and Mister Tim. My friend Mia was there too. I showed Miss Martha how spunky I am now, and she was happy to see me.

And that's not all... Later tonight, Mommy took me over to the game shop where Pop was playing. He goes there to see Miss De alot and to get cards and play with other people. We talked with Miss De for a while, and Pop let me play a little for him. Here's me in action...

I showed that guy what was up.
And now it's late and I'm going to bed. Whew.... that's alot of stuff in one day. Good night.

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  1. In this case, your the magic, Nebraska.


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