Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The road home

This morning Mommy said it was time to leave Grandma and Grandpa's house. I tried to tell her I really didn't want to leave, but they still put me in the car. Once I figured out that we were going to really go, I gave up the arguing....it's exhausting anyway.

So now, I am home! And I like it. I thought the trip went really fast to get home, but maybe because I slept most of the way. Illinois is kind of boring to drive through!

Here's what Mommy sees when she looks back at me in the car....yup, me sleeping again.

I told Mommy and Pop that I was happy today with lots of smiles and wiggles when I got back in my favorite seat and my swing, and I loved playing in my little gym. It was so good to get a few cuddles with my Pop again and to see my buddy Belle....but she barks alot.

Mommy says it's time for bed... and for the first time, I get to sleep in my own room! See ya tomorrow.


  1. Welcome home Brasik!

  2. Great news! Welcome home. And, objects in mirror are larger than they appear.

  3. Way to go, Nebraska! Enjoy that neat bed and your room with the pandas. You are a special girl and we love you!

  4. You look comfy cozy Little Miss.


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