Monday, March 19, 2007

Much on Monday

I had quite a full-up day today. This morning Miss Dayna came to check on me.

I hadn't seen her since my surgery, so I showed her all my energy by telling her when I wasn't happy with getting on that silly scale, all naked and everything. She said I looked real good, which I knew, of course. People keep saying that, and I'm beginning to believe them! I also showed Miss Dayna and Mommy that I know how to get what I want sometimes. I complained long enough at them that Mommy finally picked me up, and I stopped complaining immediately. Why complain when I am where I want, right? They seemed to think I'd done something sneaky or tricky, but it makes sense to me to do what will get me what I want.

Mommy and I had lunch with Miss Angie and Miss Janet. They are friends of Mommy's and they used to get together for lunch alot, before me. They even came to see me when I was a new baby in the hospital. Mommy calls it "Lunch with the girls" on her calendar, and I think I'll like it. Mommy said I didn't behave as good as she wanted, but I tried to tell her that I wanted to sit up at the table like they were, that's all. That restaurant was so quiet, I just thought there needed to be some excitement. I tried to tell Miss Angie that I was pretty tired, and she put me right to sleep after she got done eating. I don't even remember how I got home!

After lunch, Mommy had an appointment with one of her doctors. This time she wasn't working, she was getting checked from her surgery last week. Dr. S was very nice, so I smiled at him real big. He gave Mommy some medicine to make sure she gets better, but he didn't give me anything. Guess I'm getting better faster than she is!

After all that, Mommy and I ran a few errands for her work. Then we came home, and I took a nap with Pop when he got home from work. He likes to take naps alot, and he's real warm to cuddle with.

Now it's almost time for snack and bedtime. I'm smacking my lips real loud trying to tell Mommy it's time. I hope she gets the message soon.


  1. Sounds like you are a fast learner with the crying and stuff. Way to go Little Miss.

  2. You're mother is a sneaky little photographer isn't she?

  3. Looking good there Braska :-)


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