Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spiffy Sunday

Today was a pretty fun day. Of course, we started with getting ready for church. Mommy found a dress that we forgot was in the closet, and I'm almost too big for it, so we thought it was a good day for that one. After she got me dressed, Mommy put me on her big bed while she got ready. I enjoyed myself while I waited...

For those of you that prefer still shots, here's a few...

I was enjoying talking to Pop during church, and he must have liked it to because he took me out of the big, quiet room and walked around so we could talk. After we got back to the big room, I got to see some more friends. One is Miss Trisha. She has been doing all kinds of cooking for Mommy and Pop since I've been keeping Mommy so busy. Mommy says she is a lifesaver. I think that's really a good thing.

Today she brought a bunch more stuff, some for Mommy and some for Pop (he's picky, Mommy says), but nothing for me. Oh well, maybe next time. I'll just stick with milk for now, I guess.

When we got home, Pop and I went out again to get a movie. I helped by carrying it home for him.

Miss Mindy and Mr. Tim and Mia came over to watch the movie too. I napped during the movie, and Mia did too. Mommy said it was only ok, so I didn't miss anything.

Tonight I have been hanging with my Pop while Mommy works on her computer again. Soon it will be time for bed. Nighty-night!


  1. You are the cutest little thing!! I love the hat! Karen Kleinman

  2. 'There she is, little Miss Precious'! She is one good looking grand daughter! Grandpa John sure felt ripped off today, not getting a chance to visit you! But, I promise we'll make up for it your next visit to St. Louis. Love you Braska.
    Grandpa John

  3. She is beautiful! But of course you already knew that...


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