Thursday, May 24, 2007

Family picture day

This morning we went to our friend Miss Allyson's house where she has a special place to take pictures of people. She does lots of neat pictures, especially of babies, and it's called Sweet Pea Photography. This was the first time I had pictures taken that wasn't just by Mommy or Pop. It was alot of fun, and sometimes it was like when Miss Robin comes to play. They wanted me to hold my head up and everything. Mostly, I got to just play on the floor or on a pillow, and Mommy and Pop held me the rest of the time. Mommy changed my clothes three times, and they even took pictures of me in my diaper and with nothing on at all. That seemed silly, but it was fun to play and kick like that. Pop thought I was going to wet on him, but I didn't.

In a few days, the pictures will be up for us to see them all and pick out what we want to get. But here's some shots from the fun we had today that Mommy and Pop took.


  1. It looks neat, but I want to see the real pics too!

  2. I got a preview Little Miss and they are awesome.

  3. Miss Christina--Don't worry! I'll show you, for sure!

    Grandma C--I thought you might like them...we won't have to wait long to see the finished ones.

  4. That is a darn fine lookin' family!

  5. Hey Braska (and her mommy),
    Great pictures of you! That little dress is adorable! Awesome slideshow, too! Did your daddy do that for you? Hope you're doing well. Thanks for the updates! =)

    Auntie Joy

  6. Pop--Thanks for sayin' so! We think so too!

    Auntie Joy--Mommy and me made the slideshow FOR Pop.. we're smart girls you know.

  7. Hey Braska! I just wanted to say, you looked like a super model in your first professional baby picture! I just saw that first six months video, what a cutie!
    luv, Lauralee
    ps. On this side of the family you are my only girl cousin. Cool huh!?

  8. Cousin Lauralee--That was really nice what you said about my pictures and video! We girls gotta stick together!

  9. hey cutie! i would love to see your pictures! karen k


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