Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mommy's Day!

Hope you all had a very nice day.


  1. Thanks, Braska! How was your FIRST Mothers' Day? We had a nice family time, relaxing at home this afternoon after being in church this morning. Beautiful weather! We even set up our domino game under one of our big, shady oak trees! Grammy Jan wanted all five of us to have some family time. Have a great Monday!

    papa beagle
    PS: I won, for once. Your Auntie Joy, Uncle Ryan, Auntie Julia, and Grammy Jan are good players and one of them usually wins!

  2. Papa Beagle--I didn't notice anything about today that was different. We went to church and then Mr. Tim's graduation and then we just were at home. Sound like you had good time outside.


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