Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This 'n that

This morning Miss Deb, Miss Robin, and Miss Judy came to see me. They talked to Mommy about what they're going to do to help me get big and strong. Next week Miss Robin will start coming to see me every week, and Miss Judy will come one week then not the next week and like that. Miss Judy had a pretty cool toy thing that she let me look at. It was squishy.

They were pretty excited about my head or something.

After lunch, we went to see Miss Laurie and Miss Amiee at Dr. Y's office. You guessed it...she put me on the silly scale. Miss Laurie and Mommy said they thought I was gonna be bigger, but I was just a little less than last time. I thought I was eating alot!

(11 lbs 0 oz, down from 11 lbs 0.5 oz for the last two weeks)

Mia came over to play with me tonight, and she brought her mommy and daddy, too. Miss Mindy made dinner, which made Mommy very happy.

Today Auntie Rachel sent Mommy some pictures of my Uncle Jody and his girlfriend Miss Skye. Mommy said that Miss Skye is going to be my Auntie Skye soon. Uncle Jody asked Miss Skye to marry him on Sunday, she said. I think that's pretty nice that I'll have another auntie.

P.S... She said yes!


  1. Wow! Another Auntie for Braska! Skye has been following your progress since you were only a baby! If you would share your secret of how to eat a lot and NOT gain weight, I'd sure appreciate it.

    Neat pictures, too! Keep on eating, sleeping, and getting stronger!

    Love ya,
    papa beagle

  2. I too would like to know your secret of how to eat lots and not gain unwanted pounds.
    I think that silly scale should tke into concideratiion you are growing longer and that genetically your Pop could eat mac & cheese at every meal and inbetween meals and never gain an oz. you probable are one of those people with a high BMR.

    keep eating little cutie


  3. You look great! Have they checked that scale, what a silly thing. I think we will see you tomorrow. Maddy is all better, and is very excited to play with you! See you soon- Karen K

  4. Braska Bear, I do love you. Tell your uncle Jodi, way-to-go-dude! He'll like that.
    Did I see you holding up your head in that one photo? That's way cool!! Gaining weight is over rated, as long as you getting stronger. Keep eating those veg's and nana's; and it will all come around for you.
    One more thing, you just have to lose that deer-in-the-headlights look in that one photo! Tell your mom to give you some warning 1st.
    And don't forget to give your pop a great big slobbery kiss on his birthday tomorrow!

  5. Hey Braska - it's daddys birthday tomorrow! Sing for him and do wiggles ok? Auntie V ( one of many :) )

  6. Thank you so much for the sweet message Braska. Papa Beagle is right about how I have followed your progress before you ever met me. Also, I've never been an auntie before but I promise I'll do my best :)

  7. Papa Beagle and Meshi--I don't understand this weight thing. Mommy wants the secret too.

    Miss Karen K--I'm so happy Maddy's all better. Maybe we can play tonight!

    Grandpa J--I'm working on holding my head'll be surprised next time you see me!

    Auntie V--I was asleep when Pop left for work today, but I'm gonna give him my present when I see him later. And some wiggles too!

    Miss Skye--I think you'll be a good auntie, don't worry!


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