Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lovin' bananas

I think Mommy's tired of me getting up so early. But the good news is that we get an awful lot done by the time Mommy says most people are getting out of bed. I'm starting to really like eating bananas with my breakfast in the morning. Today I ate even more than I have the other days, and Mommy was very happy with me. I did get us both kind of sticky though.

This afternoon I hung out in my new favorite place.... Mommy's big puffy chair. She asked me if I was gonna steal it from her... this is how I answered her.

Tonight I got to go to Miss Barb's house while Mommy and Pop went to a meeting. We had a good time, and I told her about all kinds of things. Thanks for chatting with me, Miss Barb!


  1. So glad you like bananas! All of us here like them, too. I'm glad you had a good visit with Miss Barb, too. And thanks again for keeping us updated.

    papa beagle

  2. Lucky Miss Barb! We want to play with you! The Kleinman Girls
    P.S.-Maddy and Gracie love bananas too, you little monkeys!

  3. Papa Beagle--Bananas are yummy. Mommy's making banana bread today, but she says I can't have any yet. I bet I'll like it someday, though.

    Kleinmans--Get better, you silly monkeys, and we'll play soon.

  4. Ah, wee one, wait until mommy gives you peanut butter and bananas. Now there's a taste treat that'll put a smile on that gorgeous face of yours. Love you child.


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